Luke Wilson Quote Unquote By Andrew John Ignatius Vontz
*This article first appeared in FHM in June, 2003.  


Luke Wilson Interview  By Andrew John Ignatius Vontz
*This article first appeared in The June, 2003 issue of FHM.

Few families have as many successful relatives in Hollywood as the Wilsons. Do you have any ethics when it comes to nepotism?
When you’re working with your siblings you’ve never spent more time with somebody, not a friend, not a girlfriend, not a wife. I was talking to my friend Harry Dean Stanton and he said if I rob a bank I want to get the three brothers and uncle Joe--uncle Joe is our uncle that lives out here in Los Angeles. We may not be the best guys in the world but at least we can trust us. 

Do you ever fight like brothers when you work together?
It got a little dicey on Bottle Rocket. There’s a scene where we’re kind of breaking up and this car is broken down and he (Owen) blows up at me. He did such a convincing job I had a hard time getting my lines out. Bottle Rocket was scary because we thought it was the first and last movie we were ever going to get to make. 

Or not. Do you have inside jokes?
It’s just like friends in school. For a while I was saying the word Beaujulais for just about anything. It was in that Donnie Brasco kind of way. You see a pretty girl—Beaujalis. You had a tough day—Beaujalis. It caught on with Owen and then from our friend Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. He’ll be looking at you and he’ll say, make love to me.

Sounds hot. Do you have a Jan Brady complex about Owen? 
No, but people will always come up, somebody you don’t know, and they’ll be like how’s your brother? And we’ll say, who gives a fuck? We of course do give a fuck but it is funny to see people’s reaction. 

Seann William scott told us about his worst audition, where he was dropped off in Compton and had his clothes stolen on the way to a casting call. Have you had similar experiences?
I was asked to take the sunflower seeds out of my mouth one time. This was early on in my career and it was one of those points where I’d just kind of given up. It was like school. What’s in your mouth? Sunflower seeds. Why? Because I like them. They’re tasty. And then I was asked to spit them out.

Gotta love a man who spits. You were in the phenomenally successful Old School. How much is too much of Will Ferrell’s ass?
You can never get enough of that tookus. Will reminds me of Bill Murray in the way that people give him that, hey you’re the funny guy! He’s a smart, thoughtful guy who’s not vain. We’d do this thing called wolfpacking where we’d constantly pick on one guy. Will told me he hadn’t had a chance to see Legally Bland but that he was going to hustle down to the video store to check it out.  

When you worked on Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence did he have a huge entourage?
It’s not like they’re people he just met who are like hey Martin, you’re badass. The way Martin does it he’s got his brothers around him, his close friends, the guys he grew up with back in Detroit. He’s just a good guy. 

Do you still hang out?
I just recently ran into him and he said he really wants to do something again so we’re going to try and do another movie together. I’ll fucking take somebody like Martin any day over some pseudo cool guy actor who doesn’t ever show how he feels or doesn’t fucking feel one way or the other. All the stuff people kid him about is the stuff I like about him.

You’re the lucky guy who gets to come back for Charlie’s Angels II. Would it be fair to call that the best all-time job in the history of working?
It is one of those jobs where you do kind of think, why are they paying me for this? The first one it was a huge budget movie and McG, this guy who had never done a movie before and a huge crew and fifteen writers and you just thought, man is this going to be Heaven’s Gate or Ishtar? And the movie came out and I honestly liked it. 

What was the best part of the job?
Cameron Diaz really is an entertainer. She does these dance numbers that were unbelievable. It's like John Travolta type stuff. Her and Jack Nicholson, when you meet them in person they seem as incredible as they are onscreen. They have the kind of faces that make you stare at them just the way they're made. It's like a face that was genetically engineered for movies. Those blue eyes that catch the light and the way her cheeks are.  She's an all-American uber tomboy. 

And she looks great in Underoos. . .
I'm always curious how somebody gets along with the crew on a movie because there are some people out here in Hollywood who don't get that the crew are the people who make the movie. It would be the equivalent of being on a team and being a running back and thinking the linemen didn't matter. On a crew of hundreds she know everybody's name and gets along with everybody. 

Can you give our readers any suggestions for stopping a catfight—supposedly there were plenty on the set of the first Angels.
There weren’t any catfights. But I did see a cat fight about a month ago. I was at some bar and these girls were yelling at each other. Something had happened at the bar. I said ladies, can we talk about this? And then drinks started flying and it didn’t work. They both got thrown out. 

That’s some bad shit when movie star intervention doesn’t work. You’ve been fortunate enough to work with Bill Murray on three films. Were you intimidated?
I was intimidated until I got to know him and he’s just a really nice family man. When we were filming Rushmore down in Houston we had a wrap party at this bar and they tried to shut the bar down at 2 and he had a mutiny and forced them to stay open. He’s a great dancer and just an extremely funny guy.

Is there anyone who has overwhelmed you when you worked with them for the first time?
Rob Reiner always kids around about the first meeting we had. We’d never met before and I read this script he had and I went in to talk to him about it. I put a clean shirt on which is different from my usual to show up in whatever I happened to have on the night before. We talk for about ten minutes about unrelated stuff and he said, would you like to do it? I thought, okay, this is a fuckin’ trick question and I said, yeah, I’d like to do it and he said, good, let’s make a deal. It then totally threw me off my game. I was like a salesman with nothing to sell. 

Has Bjorn Borg ever commented having his identity being stolen for the Richie Tennanbaum character? 
I did pass him in a doorway one time and it was that scene in Fear and Loathing when Hunter Thompson and Johnny Depp see each other and we just passed each other in slow-mo and looked at each other. He was a hero of ours. We always thought he was a cool looking guy back then. 

What’s your fondest memory of your Richie Tennenbaum beard? 
Beards are sometimes one of those signals that someone has hit bottom. The Beach Boys in the ‘70s—when Brian, Carl, and Dennis all grew beards you knew things were getting funky. People’d be like, how are you doing? Is it really for a movie?

You’re legendary for your meticulous preparation. How did you research your role in 1998’s hit Bongwater?  
I don’t remember Bongwater. Actually, I have a soft spot in my lungs from Bongwater. Andy Dick was out of control. There was an actress he didn’t get along with that he terrorized. He would do these scathing imitations of her in private, but it was like performance art. You felt like he was channeling this person.

Speaking of ging, how was working with Bob Dylan in Masked and Anonymous? 
I was thinking the same thing myself:  Is he drinking whisky? Is he smoking? And will I get to do it with him? But he’s not drinking, he’s not stoned. He’s not out of it even in the slightest. A lot of people don’t know he’s got a really good sense of humor and a gleam in his eye.

Have you ever had to deal with the casting couch from Hollywood’s notorious velvet mafia?
Shit, I’d like to meet the guys. Why doesn’t somebody set me up with one of these guys so I can kickstart my career? I’m not pretty enough.